If you’re like me as the days are getting longer and warmer your thoughts are turning toward water sports.   What better way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon than on the water – or in the water if that’s the way it turns out!  There are so many options — power boating, skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing – and the combinations are endless!!   One of my new favorites is kayaking.   Relatively cheap and easy, you can get on the water with just a boat, a paddle and a pfd.  They don’t weigh much so you can carry it easily, you can buy little foam blocks to carry it on the top of most cars.  So, truly, there is no excuse not to get out on the water.

Want more information?  Start with a couple of good books:

Talk to a few people.  Grab a friend (never paddle alone!!).   And start on a quiet lake.


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