Little Review—>Little Brother

Little Brother

It’s hard to review Little Brother by Cory Doctorow in 5 sentences or less because there are so many great things to say about it.  But 5 sentences it is…

It is such an understatement to say that THIS BOOK RAWKS!!  It’s perfect for cool, smart, tech-savvy teens who are bored with life and just don’t like to read.  Little Brother flows at a rapid pace and digs its hooks into your mushy mind instantly…never letting go.  By illustrating just how easy it is for the government to cross its boundaries Doctorow’s tale provides an all too real depiction of what the very near future might hold for us, while highlighting the true power that today’s teens possess in terms of protecting their privacy and executing a technological revolution lively enough to make the whole country turn its head—-for reals.  Little Brother is by far the best book I read in 2008 and Cory Doctorow is a seriously freakin’ awesome dude.Cory Doctorow

Nuff said.


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