mini-review…round 2

It’s time for a mini-review (in 5 sentences or less) of John Green’s newest book, Paper Towns.  Ready or not, here we go…

Paper Towns

Margo is a cool, adventurous chick and her neighbor, Quentin…uh, not so much.  The two are on the verge of graduating from high school and even though they were childhood BFFs they haven’t been close in years.  Margo shows up at Q’s bedroom window one night and pulls him into a wild spree of pranks and sweet revenge on their peers.  Then Margo disappears and no one can figure out if she ran away, committed suicide, or is just gone on another adventure of some sort…except for maybe Quentin, who decides to follow the clues.  Paper Towns is a great quick read, full of suspense to the very end, written in a refreshingly realistic tone, and sure to please oodles of teen readers across the land. 



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