Go outside and play!!

You’ve been inside all winter.  Ok — maybe you actually did go out this winter.  Sledding, skating, skiing, whatever.  But – new season!  Go back out!!

So you’re outside.  Now what?  You could go for a walk.  Yeah — really.  Walk around your neighborhood.  Go to the park.  There are parks everywhere in Davenport.  34 of them listed on the Parks & Rec webpage.  Incredible.  Go to one.  Check it out.  Like walking?  Why not try some day hiking.   Pack some water and snacks in a back pack, put on some solid shoes and a hat and go out into the wild.  Or something like it.  Some of my favorite places around here for day hikes include Scott County Park out in Parkview, Illiniwek Forest Preserve in Hampton, and Loud Thunder Forest Preserve just outside of Illinios City.

Don’t like walking – just too slow for you?  How about biking?  Skateboarding? Rock climbing? Hit the lakes or rivers and go boating.  Take a sailing class or canoeing or kayaking or skulling.  Throw in a line and do some fishing.  There’s a world out there — don’t miss it!!

Still need more incentive?

Check these out:

Guide to Outdoor Sports by Jonathan and Roseann Hanson

The Outdoor Athlete by Courtenay Schurman and Doug Schurman

Seriously — go out and play!!


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