Video Fun!

Hey — I got to play on the video equipment this morning.  How fun!!  We made a short video downloaded it to the laptop in the computer lab and just started to play with it.   If you haven’t started your project for the Teen YouTube Video Contest and Red Carpet Event — don’t worry.  There’s still time!!  You can work on it on your own time or you can come in for any of the lab sessions at the library.   Upcoming sessions include:  Feb. 26, Feb. 28, March 5, March 7, March 10, March 12  – all from 3-5 pm.

Feel like you need a little jump start?  At the library we are using the Corel Software Program VideoStudio. Here are a few online tutorials just to get you going : A tutorial straight from Corel giving specific how-to’s on tons of effects.   Or why not try a YouTube introduction video — yeah, I know a YouTube video on how to make a YouTube video?  Seriously — good information thats walks you through the Corel VideoStudio.

Enjoy — and see you on the red carpet!!

– angie