Coraline is freakin awesome!

I just got back from watching the movie Coraline, and I had to post something about it because omg it is freakin awesome!!  Click on the poster below to see a great trailer (and not the one you’re likely to see on TV):


So if you’ve seen the trailer, you can tell that it’s excellent stop-action animation, quite similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas (which should come as no surprise, since the guy who directed Nightmare also wrote the screenplay and directed Coraline.) It’s all very dark and creepy, and the style fits superbly with the mood of the original Coraline book, written by ever-moody and wildly brilliant author Neil Gaiman (who appears to be having a very good year — the movie took in over $16 million in it’s first weekend, and Gaiman just won the Newbery medal for his equally dark and creepy story, The Graveyard Book.)

So I was ready to love this movie — I love all kinds of animation, I’m a giant Neil Gaiman fan (ever since reading his old Sandman graphic novels), and I’ve loved nearly everything that Henry Selick has been involved with (he also directed Monkeybone and James and the Giant Peach). And the problem is, when I am ready to love something, I am almost always massively disappointed.  My expectations are so high that the movie has to be absolutely astounding to impress me.  Well, I sit here at my computer absolutely astounded.


Without the 3D effects, this movie would have been a home-run.  It stayed true to the novel (which was great in its own right), it was fantastically animated, and it was just macabre enough to keep the audience appropriately nervous.  Add the 3D effects and this movie is, simply put, extraordinary.  Thankfully, these 3D effects were no SoBe lizards dancing during half-time at Superbowl XLIII.  The halftime superbowl 3D ads were lame, utterly lame, so jaw-droppingly lame they nearly redefined the word, compared to the Coraline effects.  The 3D was the best I’ve seen in my lifetime.  Period.

And maybe you want to read the book before you go.  It’s pretty freakin awesome, too.

– Sam

3 Responses to Coraline is freakin awesome!

  • Bailey aka Seabiscuit says:

    AAH!! Good!! I read the first three chapters of Coraline before I had to take it back and LOVED IT!! I REEEEEALLY want to go see it, so I’m glad its not a complete loss. (LOVE Nightmare!! I think he also directed Corpse Bride (?)) <3

  • Sam says:

    I totally love Nightmare!! He didn’t direct Corpse Bride (I think that was Tim Burton — the guy who came up with Nightmare), but he did direct James and the Giant Peach which also a spectacular stop-action flick.

  • Aubrey says:

    So.. Neil Gaiman has a Twitter that he updates, like, 15 times a day.