Anime Club Tuesday Night

i heart anime

Do you? 

Do you really? 


Really, really? 

Well, if you really, really, really do then I expect to see you at Anime Club tomorrow night!  Anime Club takes place at the Fairmount St. Library from 5:30-7:30.  We plan to have a mini-cosplay workshop and preview another new DVD called Mushi-shi from Funimation.  Here’s the title description pulled from their website: 

mushi-shiNeither good nor evil. They are life in its purest form. Vulgar and strange, they have inspired fear in humans since the dawn of time and have over the ages come over to be known as “mushi”.

The essence of the natural world is personified by ancient, natural forces called “mushi” that influence the lives of people for reasons yet unknown. Ginko, a traveling Mushi-Shi or “Mushi Master” who seeks rare mushi sightings, uses his shaman-like knowledge of the mushi to help the affected people come to terms with their mushi afflictions.

At the 2006 Japanese Media Arts Festival, both the Mushi-Shi anime and manga were ranked in the top 10 anime and manga series of all time.

For more about the characters and the show, go to


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One Response to Anime Club Tuesday Night

  • Bailz aka Seabiscuit says:

    Yea, we didnt watch Mushi Shi… we watched Ghost Hunt and made furry gloves!! X3

    ♥ ya guys!! XP