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Video Fun!

February 25, 2009

Hey — I got to play on the video equipment this morning.  How fun!!  We made a short video downloaded it to the laptop in the computer lab and just started to play with it.   If you haven’t started your project for the Teen YouTube Video Contest and Red Carpet Event — don’t worry.  There’s still time!!  You can work on it on your own time or you can come in for any of the lab sessions at the library.   Upcoming sessions include:  Feb. 26, Feb. 28, March 5, March 7, March 10, March 12  – all from 3-5 pm.

Feel like you need a little jump start?  At the library we are using the Corel Software Program VideoStudio. Here are a few online tutorials just to get you going : A tutorial straight from Corel giving specific how-to’s on tons of effects.   Or why not try a YouTube introduction video — yeah, I know a YouTube video on how to make a YouTube video?  Seriously — good information thats walks you through the Corel VideoStudio.

Enjoy — and see you on the red carpet!!

– angie!

February 24, 2009

Hey guys, this is gonna be short and sweet. This blog is meant for comments. is one of the most amazing places to share your different kinds of art. If you don’t have one, get one. If you’ve got one, comment here with your name. ADVERTISEMENT MAKES YOU MORE POPULAR. I’ll try to place them up here. If you have a banner made for your page, post the code. Happy drawing!

<3 –Mimzy




February 22, 2009

Rituals. We all have them. You know you do. Most of them are for a reason — you do things in the same order every day because it works. It fits your schedule and your life. But at what point do the rituals become obsessive? I’m no doctor, but I’m going to guess that it happens when your need to do things in the right order, or the right amount of times gets in the way of what is actually happening in your life. Like maybe you can’t catch the bus to school on time some days because you have to triple check that you turned your computer off before you can leave the house. Don’t laugh — OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affects 2.2 million American adults – with the disease starting in childhood or adolescence.   So are you wondering exactly what OCD looks like?  Well – no two people are exactly alike, but OCK usually involves either obsessions or compulsions or both.  Obsessions are fixating on something and not being able to let it go.  Like fear of germs or dirt or focusing on sexual or forbidden thoughts or even having a need to have something “just so” or you can’t function.   Compulsions are things you do repeatedly – like hand washing or touching things or counting.

So what do you do if you think you may be getting derailed by OCD?   Talk to someone you trust — your parents, one of your teachers, your doctor.  There is treatment available out there.  Take your life back.

Want more info?   Here’s a few websites:

Obsessive Compulsive Foundation

Mayo Clinic – OCD

National Institute of Mental Health

Or you just want a light story about how it could effect your life?   Try Total Constant Order by Criss-Jean Chappell. 

It’s a nice little read that is pretty acurate on how OCD can suddenly take over in times of stress and sort of recede when not needed anymore.   Even if you don’t have OCD it’s a great little story about a girl who moves to a new city and has to figure out how to fit in. 


Attention DPL patrons:

February 21, 2009

The Davenport Public Library will be implementing a new computer reserve and print release system on

Sunday, March 1 – Tuesday, March 3

Here is what you need to know: 

1.  All copies will be $0.10 per page once the system is complete.  (See schedule below)  The first 10 pages will no longer be free.       

2.  If you currently have money on your card, you will need to cash it out before March 1. 

3.  The computers will be down according to the schedule below. 

On Sunday 3/1 – the adult public computers on the 1st floor at Main will be unavailable.  Computers in SC will be available, but sessions will be limited to no more than 30 minutes.

On Monday 3/2 – All public computers at Main (Children, Special Collections, and Adult) will be unavailable.

On Tuesday 3/3 – All public computers at Fairmount (Children and Adult) will be unavailable.


* If you have any questions please see a *

customer service representative.  Thank You!

Another 2008 Teen Film Fest Video Created by DPL’s Finest

February 19, 2009

Here’s one more video from the 2008 Teen Film Fest.  This gem was created by the Fairmount St. Library’s student pages!  Yay!  It’s full of good laughs and great music.  We sure do hope that they’ll make another video for this year’s film fest.  In fact, I’d like to propose a friendly little video challenge:  Fairmount St. student pages vs. Main St. student pages…and maybe a lifetime supply of Jolly Ranchers to the winners?!?


Another Award Winning Video From the 2008 Teen Film Fest

February 18, 2009

Here’s another award winning video from the 2008 Teen Film Fest.  Check it out!  A pair of dedicated teens from Moline, who also just happen to be brothers, created this spectacular piece based on Hatchet by Gary Paulsen to fit the “Alternate Ending” theme.  They ended up taking home the Librarian’s Choice Award, which was one of two grand prize awards that came with a trophy and a $100 cash prize.  During their acceptance speech at last year’s red-carpet premiere at the Putnam Museum & IMAX Theatre, they said they were putting their winnings right back into the budget for next year’s film.  They also snagged another trophy for best editing.  Sounds like we have some true filmmakers on our hands, eh?  Can’t wait to see what they do for this year’s film fest.  Way to go guys!  Looks like your hard work and talent really paid off!


Winning Video from the 2008 Teen Film Fest

February 17, 2009

DPL teens, Gavin Wright and Austin Bundy, created this AWESOME award winning video for the 2008 Teen Film Fest.  These guys certainly knocked it out of the park with their hilarious take on the theme “Why I Love My Library.” 

2008 red-carpet winners

The pair walked away from last year’s red-carpet IMAX screening event with two Oscar-like trophies we called “Deweys” and a $100 cash prize.  That’s right.  Not only did they win the award for Best Technical Effect, they also won the grand prize Viewer’s Choice Award.  Kudos to first-time filmmakers Gavin and Austin and their theatrical debut!  Hopefully they’ll have videos to submit for this year’s film fest.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with! 

You can check out more of Gavin’s videos here.