Rules by Cynthia Lord


Rules by Cynthia Lord is a great story about 12 year Catherine who manages¬† living with her autistic brother with the help of her list of “rules”. Reasonable rules for David such as:

-”chew with your mouth closed”

-”it’s fine to hug Mom but not the clerk at the video store”

and one of my favorites: “keep your pants on”

Catherine has others rules that are sometimes a little more complicated:

-”Sometimes people laugh when they like you but sometimes they laugh to hurt you”

-”leaving out isn’t the same as lying”

-”late doesn’t mean not coming”

Catherine struggles with wanting her family to “be” and “look” normal, especially to a potential new friend who moves in right next door. I was touched especially by Catherine’s relationship with her brother – she may have a really tough time with him but they have something pretty special.¬† Enjoy this Newberry Honor book!


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  • Manda says:

    cool it is a great book from what i have read