3 Days Off

So, you’ve had 3 days off school due to the snowy snow and super freezing cold temps.  Nice.  I want to tell you how jealous I am, but I’m heading into a 3 day weekend myself.  I know, I know, it hardly compares to the 6 day stretch you lucky students are in the midst of, but I’m thrilled.  In case you’re running out of ways to entertain yourself around the house check out this cool vid. for some extra inspiration.

Who knows, maybe I’ll start my own chocolate syrup paintings over the weekend.  Although, I think I’d prefer to use yellow mustard and a fork.  But first I have to make 4 batches of Rice Krispie Treats so I can build that edible castle I’ve been promising the curious 6 yr. old in my life.  Anyways.  Enjoy your time and remember the libraries are open over the weekend.  You can always stop in and stock up on video games, movies, and a good book or two.  For free.  For reals.  For sure.  For you.


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