Revolution is not a Dinner Party by Ying Chang Compestine

Tired of reading about vampires? I’m not but in case you are here’s something a little different but just as suspenseful. Revolution is not a Dinner Party is an incredible story about a young girl living through the cultural revolution. During this time China saw the rise of the powerful communist leader Mao Ze dong. The basis of Chariman Mao’s rule or revolution was to do away with anything western, wealthy or intellectual – he wanted to overthrow the old China and replace it with a new working class. The precocious main character, Ling struggles wth the blatant injustices during this time. Once caring neighbors turn on one another, food and other items become severely rationed. Good, hard working people are humiliated, beaten and taken to labor camps. Eventually Ling’s adoring father, a brilliant and caring surgeon, is also taken away. Ling’s story is absolutely captivating.

Ying Chang Compestine, the author of Revolution is Not a Dinner Party, writes this concise tale with simplicity. The events she describes are so compelling and detailed – perhaps since much of the story comes from her own childhood. Mrs. Compestine has written many picture books as well as several cookbooks. In September Rivermont Collegiate and the Bettendorf Library were so lucky to host Mrs. Compestine as a guest speaker. You won’t want to miss this fabulous book!


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