Teen Approved: Monster by Walter Dean Myers

If you’re looking for a great read that’s a bit different be sure to check out Walter Dean Myers’ Monster.  A teen patron told me about the book and said it was a really good.  It’s fantastic!  Monster is definitely the most thrilling Young Adult book I’ve come across.   I can’t wait to see the teen who suggested it, not only to tell him how much I enjoyed Myers’ tale, but to see what other titles he has to recommend.   

The book’s unique format is actually that of a film script depicting the murder trial of a young man, 16 yr. old Steve Harmon, who is accused of serving as a lookout on a simple robbery that went awry.  The script was created by the young man, a budding filmmaker, and it is his way of dealing with the harsh reality of the devastating legal predicament that he is facing.  Also strewn throughout the script are bits of Steve’s journal entries which allow the reader to establish an even stronger connection to the character and what he’s going through concerning the aftermath of the stick-up.  The robbery, which was supposed to have been a cut and dry execution in order to attain some fast cash, quickly turned into a whole new ballgame when the store owner pulled a gun on the unarmed criminals. 

You’ll have to read it yourself to see what actually happens in Myers’ gripping tale and find out where Steve ends up.  There’s certainly enough suspense involved that you won’t be disappointed.  Monster would be a great selection for book clubs.  It would also make a great classroom read for students in middle school on up.  Many thanks to the teen who approved this one!


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3 Responses to Teen Approved: Monster by Walter Dean Myers

  • brittany says:

    i like the book, it is a very intersting book. i would give it to my kids to read.

  • Christie says:

    Yes, a great read! Walter Dean Myers is a fantastic author and has written many titles for teens. In fact, just last week he won the Coretta Scott King-Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement.

  • carrlee says:

    im actually going to buy this boook it sounds very good cant wait to read it :)