Get Your Game On Featured Player: ‘Da Man

This week we’re featuring Marcus because he’s ‘Da Man.  Seriously.  Marcus is our most dedicated teen patron.  He is an active participant at nearly every teen program.  Whether it’s Anime Club, Get Your Game On, Teen Tech Lab, or any of the summer programs…Marcus is there.  He was the only one who showed up for the Teen Read-In this year and had no problem immersing himself in a graphic novel while chillin’ in the YA section of the library.  We can always always count on him to give us good programming advice and great suggestions for our circulating collection.  Marcus is a curious guy who’s not afraid to try new things.  When last year’s Film Fest came around he gave it a go, even though it was a completely new endeavor for him.  He ended up with a cool little film and even won best director.  That’s pretty impressive considering the group of 5 teens that started the project with him bailed out early on.  But he stuck to it and pulled it off.  We’ll definitely want to check in on Marcus in 20 years and see where all his drive and dedication has taken him.

His dream job:  “A mixture of a professional viola player and a chef.  Maybe a graphic novelist.”   

Favorite videogames:  “Hmmmmm, I got two, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3.”

Favorite read:  “Right now, it’s Rosario + Vampire.”

Words of wisdom for the week:  “If you like anime, like really really much, check out  You can watch episodes or catch up on series you missed.  And check out the newest graphic novels that’ll be coming out and where you can find them.  It’s cool.”

Favorite thing about the library:  “The teens and graphic novels and the librarians.”

What he would change about the library:  “The teen space…make it like bigger…and more like where only teens can come in…more graphic novels and maybe add a computer for teen use, only where you don’t even need a library card to use it.”

A huge thanks to Marcus for coming to the library so much and contributing to all the good times.  Everyone always says Marcus is really quiet and shy, yet, at the library we don’t see that side of him.  Does this look like a quiet shy guy to you???

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