Anime Fest 2008: Cosplay Participants

It’s time to feature the cosplay portion of last Saturday’s Teen Anime Fest which was hosted by the Quad City Public Libraries and the Figge Art Museum.  First up we have cosplay designer and workshop instructor, Jenna.  She was kind enough to offer up her experience and fascinating expertise when it comes to all things cosplay.  Jenna provided her audience with great instructions on mask making, sewing skills, costume design, and practical tips for cosplaying in general.  A huge thank you goes out to Jenna for her enthusiastic presentation, as well as bringing in some of her spectacular creations to pass around.  Jenna attends high school in Bettendorf and got started making masks thanks to a knowledgeable and inspiring art teacher. 

After the cosplay workshop, supplies such as furry material, foam sheets, felt, socks, gloves, buttons and glue guns were provided for teens to go wild with.  A few made furry gloves with claws and this next picture shows a teen participant who was able to finish his creation in time to parade it through the cosplay fashion show.  Nice work.

After the cosplay fashion show it was time to choose the winners.  Yet, it wasn’t as easy as you might think.  With over 30 teens participating in the cosplay event we ended up seeing more than a few stellar ensembles.  In order to determine the winner of the Teens’ Choice Award we decided that it would be best to let the audience clap for their favorites and whoever received the loudest applause would win.  Well, we narrowed it down to two finalists and had to have a clap-off to try and determine the real winner.  Turns out that even the tie breaker was too close to call.  So, instead of giving out a Teens’ Choice Award and a Librarians’ Choice Award, we spontaneously went with two Teens’ Choice Awards.  Too fun!  Enjoy these pics of the winners who each received $25 gift cards to Hobby Lobby.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

In the top picture, one award winner is the teen on the left with the freshly dyed green hair.  Mello Peterson did a spot on cosplay of Saria from Legend of Zelda.  In the bottom picture, the other award winner is the girl crouching in front.  She left before we could get her name :(  Congratulations to the winners!!

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2 Responses to Anime Fest 2008: Cosplay Participants

  • Zelda Wii says:

    These pictures are great. My gf and i always cosplay. She goes as Yuna from FFX and i go as Link from LoZ

  • sanseed says:

    Cosplay fest sounds great,but I’ve never been there,pity.