Teen Volunteer Council & Gaming…Tonight!

Come on by the Fairmount St. location from 5:30-7:30 tonight for the Teen Volunteer Council meeting followed by a bit of wild videogaming fun!  At last month’s meeting the council members discussed how they plan to spend some of the teen money which they’ve raised through various volunteer efforts.  Sounds like we’ll be getting a few new videogame accessories for our gaming programs.  The idea of making their own t-shirts for Anime Club and TVC was also presented.  Very cool.  Plus, they came up with some really great programming ideas for the library.  The idea that everyone seemed to agree on was having an overnight at the library for teens.  It does seem like a super great idea, one that might be almost too much fun-but not quite, phew!  Let’s do it! 

Also, at the last TVC meeting we experimented with making up new words.  Some of the best were:  loopyottenvicker, barfarooni, and snorffenporkerfrmkookly.  We had soooo much fun with this exercise that it was hard to find time to come up with their definitions.  The winning word was:  crostahofolaus.  And when asked “What does it mean?” the best answer was “What doesn’t it mean?”

Here’s a pic from a couple of Sundays ago that shows the volunteers in action at the 40th Anniversary Party at the Main St. Library.  They helped out by serving drinks and snacks to the guests.  Pictured from left to right are Mello (the TVC President), Chris (Treasurer), Jake (Vice President), and our newest volunteer Choia-she even rearranged her work schedule to help us out!  THANKS to each of them for their awesome help! 

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  • Mello says:

    Om nom nom nom nom. I made you a cookie but I eated it. =(