Get Your Game On Featured Player: Mello

Featured player this week is Mello, the winner of our Dance Dance Revolution Tournament that took place last May which kicked off the Summer Reading Program. I like to refer to her as the Queen of DDR. It’s true. Ask anyone that’s seen her play. She bounces around like it’s nobody’s business and with great accuracy.

ME: Hey Mello, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

MELLO: Like actually? I want to be the Hero of Time, but that doesn’t count.

ME: Yes, like actually.

MELLO: Um, I want to be a videogame programmer and designer.

ME: What’s your favorite color?

MELLO: Gggreen???

Before I can even ask another question MELLO says: You can talk about my obsession with Legend of Zelda or my upcoming cosplays. I have a bunch of those. Would you like to know about those?

ME: Only the one you plan to sport at the Anime Fest at the Figge.

MELLO: Paashaww. I don’t know yet.

ME: Good answer. Closing thoughts, Mello?

MELLO: I just lost the game :(

Mello was voted the President of the Teen Volunteer Council by the rest of the teen volunteers. She always has really fun ideas and is full of the required energy that it takes to pull them off. Mello is also one of our newest contributors to the blog. Thanks for all of your GREAT help!

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  • Melissajp says:

    WOOHOO!! Its me!