Get Your Game On Featured Player: Erickkkjghkjgh

Get Your Game On, our weekly teen videogaming program, is going strong and so much fun I thought it was about time we start featuring some of our regular players.  Just for funzies.  Here we go:

Featured player of the week:  Eric (better known as Erickkkjghkjgh) 

Favorite game:  “That’s a hard one.  The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Definitely.”

Least favorite game:  “That’s even harder.  Guitar Hero, for me, is not a good game.”

Dream job:  “Videogame designer.”

Favorite thing about the library:  “Um, probably these activity things.”

He is one of our regular teen patrons and attends most, if not all, of our teen programs.  We always appreciate it when he lugs in his XBOX 360 and cool games-even if he makes his brother do it.  Erickkkjghkjgh is an active volunteer and brings a really fun spirit to the group.  He is also Head of Sound Patrol/Palace Guard at the Teen Volunteer Council Meetings, which I reeeeally appreciate.

One Response to Get Your Game On Featured Player: Erickkkjghkjgh

  • Jake says:

    Wewt! Go Erik, lol this picture is amazing! I’m in the background with my awesome tallness and OMFG hat!