Collect Your Thoughts, Have Some Fun

Do you wish that every week had a 3 day weekend??  Is the school year stressing you out…already??? Maybe just feeling a bit out of sorts????????? 


Well, let us help you get back into the swing of things.  DPL’s regular teen programs start back up tonight!  Yep.  So grab yer girlz, holler at your homies, wrestle in a rebel, whatever you have to do to get your peeps to skip on over to the Fairmount St. location for all the action.  There’s a program for everyone…and if not, let me know whatcha like and we’ll see what we can do.  For reals.

1st Tuesday of the month:  Anime Club 5:30-7:30

2nd Tuesday of the month:  Teen Volunteer Council & Gaming 5:30-7:30

4th Tuesday of the month:  Teen Tech Lab 5:30-7:30

EVERY Wednesday:  Get Your Game On 3-5

Plus, this fall we have two special teen programs in the works!!  The Teen Anime Fest and Manga Drawing Contest are coming right up.  AND, we do have a stellar Twilight party planned, just in time for the movie.  Stay tuned for details.