Summer Highlight

It’s safe to say that summer is officially winding down, if not over already.  Schools are starting back up and the word ‘homework’ is now part of many teens’ vocabulary again.  Ugh.  The good news is that DPL’s regular teen programs will be starting back up soon and there’s certainly fun to be had for all.  In the meantime, enjoy these picks of what many of us around here consider to be the highlight of the summer-the 3rd Annual Battle of the Bands.  It was, indeed, a rockin’ good time.

The above band pic is that of 3rd place winners, Outcasts of Eden.  They kicked off the night and even performed a cool Red Hot Chili Peppers cover. 

The very popular Fire Sale, pictured above, won 2nd place.  They also put on a great show and the bass player sure has some cool tricks up his sleeve when it comes to entertaining a crowd.  Impressive.

And the winner….That One Band.  Yes, that’s their name and, yes, they played a song called That One Song.  These guys are from Eldridge and the fun they had on stage was quite contagious.  The race between first and second place bands was so close.  In the end, That One Band triumphed as the champion of DPL’s 2008 Battle of the Bands. 

Congratulations to all the bands for putting on a terrific show.  All participants received cash prizes, a free t-shirt, and the chance to play two paid gigs sponsored by the Davenport Parks & Rec. Dept.  Hope to see them all on stage again next summer!