Teen Volunteers

At this year’s Bix Porch Party, the teen volunteers (pictured above) helped to raise nearly $350 for teen programming at the library.  That’s $115 more than last year.  Awesome job!  They sure did put in a lot of elbow grease selling all those hot dogs and drinks.  The money raised will be spent by the teens on whichever aspect of programming they choose.  It really is the teen’s money. 

The last purchases made by the Teen Volunteer Council were that of a Wii, PlayStation 2, and additional gaming equipment so they can play their favorite games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero III, and Dance Dance Revolution.  These purchases have really opened up the door for teen programs at DPL.  We were able to start a weekly free-play videogaming program, as well as run specialized tournaments.  Furthermore, we now have lots of new teen patrons attending our programs, signing up for cards, and checking out a variety of items that the library has to offer.  What a fantastic way to make a difference!  What will the Teen Volunteer Council come up with next???

If you’re interested in becoming a teen volunteer you can always call 326-7832 for more info, or stop in at either location and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.  Also, feel free to join us at the Teen Volunteer Council meetings which meet on the second Tuesday of the month, from 5:30-7:30, at the Fairmount Library.  We always take a summer break, so the next meeting is Sept. 9th.  Council members have the chance to offer up their ideas for programming, let us know which items we should add to the library’s collection, and help decide how to spend the teen funds.  Oh, and don’t forget it looks great on a resume or college application.  Once the casual meeting is over, we crank up the videogame systems.  Snacks, too.