Need A Little Inspiration?

The Teen Summer Reading Program ends on July 24th.  Have you reached your 1,000 points yet??  If not keep reading and be sure to go ahead and try out some of the other fun options for accruing points.  Let these teens be your inspiration:

Both of these boys chose to makeover ordinary objects and give them new life, which earned them extra points to record on their Summer Reading logs.  The teen in the top picture collected a bunch of plastic grocery bags, ironed them together and connected the seams with green duct tape.  He then added handles made from clear tape.  Very creative AND cool!  The teen in the bottom picture attended the duct tape wallet program at the Fairmount St. location and created a one of a kind skater-style wallet out of black duct tape with red accents.  Stylin’!  He then got extra creative and designed his own basket-like container out of yellow tape.  Once you start making things out of duct tape, it becomes a bit addictive.  Excellent work guys! 

The Teen Summer Reading Program ends on July 24th.  Once you finish the program take your completed log to either library and turn it in to claim your finishing prize.  Don’t forget to enter into the drawing for one of two Grand Prizes–an iPod Shuffle or tickets to Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam @ the i wireless Center on July 30th.


2 Responses to Need A Little Inspiration?

  • val says:

    your teens are young!

  • Christie says:

    Yes, that is true in this case! :)

    These boys would more likely fall under the “tween” category. However, currently at DPL we only have Children’s and Teen programming and these boys particpated in the “Teen” Summer Reading Program. As the one in charge of teen events I welcome everyone as long as they have a parental consent.

    As our teen group continues to grow, it would be so fabulous if we were able to have both tween and teen programs!!