Tsunami DVDs

Discovery Channel’s dvd, America’s Tsunami, explores the impact of the wave that hit Thailand 7 years ago. Scientists attempt to find out why it happened, and to predict where the next one would happen (see if they were right). They have gathered fascinating footage of divers exploring a seabed that is larger than the Alps.

The Wave That Shook the World is another dvd about 2004’s Indian Ocean tsunami. This Nova production explains why this event was so destructive.

Tsunami: Killer Wave by National Geographic covers the risk in Hawaii, Japan and California. See how the recently famous Pacific Tsunami Warning Center operates.

Tsunami: The Aftermath is actually a drama about several people who were affected by the Thai tsunami, including a Thai survivor who lost his entire family, a reporter, a meteorologist and a relief worker. Tim Roth and Toni Collette star in this HBO miniseries.