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In Poor Taste

In Poor Taste

Do you recognize this chart of the taste regions of the tongue?

Forget you ever saw it. Scientists now believe that all taste sensations come from all parts of the tongue. Many of us were taught that different tastes come from different regions of the tongue, but this is most likely due to a misinterpretation of a paper published in 1901 that showed minute differences in flavor detection levels across the tongue. Another thing missing from the chart is the fifth widely recognized taste, “umami.” Umami is the savory taste of nucleotides and glutamate. Cheese, mushrooms, and fish are all foods that have a high concentration of umami.

While we are on the topic of taste; tastes in books, movies, and music can be even more varied than tastes in foods.  It is likely the Davenport Public Library has something to suit your reading/viewing/listening desires.  Visit to search our selection. If you don’t see what you are looking for, the staff at the Reference Desk can request to borrow your desired item from outside of the RiverShare system.

March 14, 20121 comment