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“Have a great summer! Stay cool!”

“Have a great summer! Stay cool!”

Did you have an embarrassing yearbook photo? Maybe you had a ridiculous hairstyle or you still had some adolescent gawkiness left in you. The good new is that those days are past you. The bad news: Those photos live on forever at the Davenport Public Library. The Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center, located in the basement of the Main Street Library, has high school yearbooks dating back to the 1910′s. Old high school yearbooks are not only a great way to reminisce, but they can also be useful in identifying people in old snapshots you may have and can be used for genealogical research. For more information on Davenport Public Library’s yearbook holdings, you can call the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center at 563-326-7902.

If you’re still down about your crummy yearbook photo, visit the websites below to see how dorky celebrities looked in their yearbook photos (the photo at the top of the page is of a young Ryan Seacrest.)

And, this should make you feel better……….. this is George Clooney:


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