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Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Pie

March 14th is the U.S. House of Representatives-approved Pi Day! Pi (π) is the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14–hence the date March 14th (3.14)!

Sir CumferenceYou can celebrate Pi Day by checking out one of our many books on the subject. Rather read something a little less technical? Try “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi: A Math Adventure” by Cindy Neuschwander:

When Sir Cumference drinks a potion which turns him into a dragon, his son Radius searches for the magic number known as pi which will restore him to his former shape.

Pi is not to be confused with the protagonist of Life of Pi.

Pi Day is also not to be confused with Pie Day, which is January 23rd. You know what? Go ahead and confuse them, because…pie.


March 14, 20130 comments
Pie Day!

Pie Day!

National Pie Day is January 23rd and it got me thinking about hamburgers. Just kidding, it got me thinking about pie (National Hamburger Day isn’t until May 28th.)  Here are some fun pie facts from the web:

  • 1 in 5 Americans has eaten an enttire pie by themselves.
  • Pie crusts were called “coffyns” in the Middle Ages.
  • Before pie was America’s favorite dessert, fruit pies were commonly eaten as part of breakfast in the 19th century.
  • A recipe for chicken pie was found on a Sumerian tablet from some time prior to 2000 B.C.
  • At one time it was illegal to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas.

So, what’s your favorite pie flavor? Do you prefer sweet or savory pies? Let us know. Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it. If all of this pie-talk has gotten you in to mood to bake, the Davenport Library has a good selection of pie-specific recipe books at all three locations under the call number 641.8652. You can also visit the American Pie Council’s website at They have recipes and results from the National Pie Championships and information about the 2012 Great American Pie Festival being held this April in Celebration, Florida.

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it’s not, mmmmmmmm, boy.” – Jack Handy

January 16, 20121 comment