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Library Closed 10/27 for In-Service

Library Closed 10/27 for In-Service

All three Davenport Public Library locations will be closed on Thursday, October 27 for an in-service and will reopen on Friday, October 28 at 9:30 a.m. Don’t forget that the library is always open at

October 26, 20110 comments
Teen ‘Battle of the Bands’ Registrations Due This Week!

Teen ‘Battle of the Bands’ Registrations Due This Week!

If you are in a teen band, a teen soloist, or in a small group of teen musicians be sure to get your registration turned in at one of the Davenport libraries this week. There is a $20 registration fee, but the top band wins $100 and two more paid gigs worth $200 each! First place $500, second place $275, and third place $200 total!

The battle takes place at the Eastern Avenue Branch on Saturday, July 9 from 1:30 – 4:30. 

For more information visit



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Kids of all ages, kickoff your summer fun at the Fairmount Branch Library (3000 N. Fairmount Street) with the Summer Reading Kickoff Carnival on Saturday, June 4 from noon to 4 p.m.!  Play games, win fun prizes, knock one of the teen volunteers into the dunk tank, and signup for the “One World, Many Stories” Summer Reading Program.  All of these great activities and more are FREE for the entire family!

When you need a little break from all of the fun and excitement visit the FRIENDS Bookstore for some real bargains, then stop across  the hall at Cam’s Coffee House for fabulous food and drinks!  Just think, you get entertainment,  fun, check-out library materials, and sign-up for the summer reading program all for FREE and then buy a book and have lunch for around $5.00!  No where else in the Quad Cities can you get all of this excitement for such a great deal!

Kids and teens receive a free book for their half-way prize and the first 1600 finishers (total of all age groups combined) receive a FREE summer reading t-shirt.  Also, upon completion enter your name into a drawing for a chance to win an i-Pod Touch, a Color Nook, or a giant stuffed tiger!    The summer reading program ends August 4 at the Bix Porch Party, featuring Don Estes and the Prairie Area Ramblers, clowns, a stilt walker, and much more!

Keep track of all our fun activities throughout the year on our blogs at or go now to and visit the “Calendar of Events” for a list of all of the AWESOME SUMMER FUN at YOUR DAVENPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY!

June 3, 20113 comments
Flu Season Is Here, What Should You Do?

Flu Season Is Here, What Should You Do?

fluYou have probably heard about the Seasonal Flu, Bird Flu, Swine Flu (H1N1).  But, what should you do to help prevent the spread of the virus or even worse, catching it yourself?  According to the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), you should fight the flu with the 3 Cs. 

Number one, COVER YOUR COUGH.  You should either do this with a tissue or cough into your elbow.  Just by coughing into your hands will cause the spread of germs as soon as you touch something.

Number two, CLEAN YOUR HANDS.  Use soap and water or hand sanitizer.  There are many hand sanitizers on the market and they are very inexpensive.  Especially if you consider the cost of being off work for a week.  You might even keep a tiny bottle (usually cost $1) in your pocket.

Number three, CONTAIN GERMS.  Stay home when you are sick.  It doesn’t do anyone any good if you go to work sick.  Most likely you will pass your germs on to someone else either in the air or on a surface.  That’s how you got it to begin with.  Someone else that was sick (they may not have even known at the time) sneezed, coughed, or touched something and transmitted the germs to you.  Don’t do the same to someone else!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) goes more in depth and offers another word of advise; get a flu vaccine.  They have vaccines for the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu, both flus are easily spread and can make you very sick.  In some cases can even cause death!  If you are not sure about a vaccine and whether you should get one or not, please contact your health care professional.

For more information about the seasonal flu, swine flu, or any of the flus visit the CDC website or  Or for more local information, visit the Scott County Health Department.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

October 13, 20090 comments
An Exciting Saturday Planned for Davenport!

An Exciting Saturday Planned for Davenport!

libby_3dThis Saturday, April 11 the Davenport Public Library has two very exciting events planned for your enjoyment!  First stop at the Fairmount Street Library at 2:00 p.m. for the unveiling of our new library mascot, Libby – The Library Dog!  Enjoy crafts, story time, and refreshments as Libby’s story is told on how she became part of the Davenport Public Library.  Children and their families will also have an opprotunity to have their picture taken with Libby!  Don’t miss welcoming our new friend!

Then the Friends of the Davenport Public Library have their inaugural RE@D – River-city Entertainment at Davenport – Variety Show at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at Davenport North High School.  The show features everything from magic, to dance, to the music of sensational blues artist, Ellis Kell!  Tickets can be purchased in advance at either Davenport Public Library for $4 for children (10 and under) and seniors (55 +), and $8 for all other ages.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $10 for all ages.  Visit our website for a list of all of the entertainers.

Don’t miss a very exciting day in our community!  If you want to attend both events (like myself), visit Libby at 2:00 at the Fairmount Street Library and then go to the variety show at 7:00 at the North High School Auditorium.  All proceeds go to funding the new Davenport Public Library that will be built at 6000 Eastern Avenue!  Visit our website at for more information on these events and vistit the Friends of the Davenport Public Library for more information on how you can help donate to the new Eastern Avenue Library.

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