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Trivia Tuesday: Elvis Presley

Trivia Tuesday: Elvis Presley

Hipsters are super jealous of that sweater

Today’s trivia is in honor of Senior Clerk, Pat Till, who is celebrating 40 years at the Davenport Public Library (and loves Elvis)! Congratulations, Pat!

  • Elvis Aaron Presley was born January 8th, 1935, and would be 78 today. Although born in Tupelo, Mississippi, he moved to Memphis at the age of 13.
  • Elvis had an identical twin brother who was tragically stillborn–his name was Jesse Garon Presley.
  • Elvis’ middle name was originally spelled “Aron,” possibly to mirror his twin brother’s, but had it changed later in life.
  • Elvis and Priscilla’s daughter, Lisa Marie, was born on February 1, 1968–nine months (to the day!) after their marriage on May 1, 1967.
  • Among other unusual pets, Elvis had a pet chimpanzee named Scatter. Scatter apparently had a fondness for womanizing and being generally mischievous.
  • Kurt Russell made his film debut at the age of 10 in the movie “It Happened at the World’s Fair,” where he kicked Elvis’ shin!

Find out more about Elvis Presley at the Davenport Public Library.

August 13, 20130 comments
Hot diggity dog!

Hot diggity dog!

July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day. So while you ponder the universal question of whether a hot dog is or isn’t a sandwich, enjoy these facts about Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile.

  • Vanity plates for the Wienermobile have included: YUMMY, OUR DOG, BIG BUN, LIL LINK, OH I WISH, WEENR, WNR MBLE, and BOLOGNA.
  • The job title for the driver of the Wienermobile is called “hot dogger.”
  • The horn of the vehicle can play the Wiener Jingle in 21 different genres from Cajun to Rap.
  • In 2009 the Wienermobile was inadvertently turned down a dead end street and when the driver (or hot dogger) tried to turn around in a driveway she failed to put the vehicle in reverse and crashed it into a house. The fact that no one was injured makes me comfortable with the fact that the picture below caused me to giggle.

Speaking of hot dogs, the 25th Annual Bix Porch Party is August 2nd at 11 a.m.  and in addition to hot dogs and lemonade, LIVE jazz music is on the menu as Don Estes and the Prairie Ramblers play on the porch of the Main Library (321 Main Street.) This is always a fun, family-oriented event and we hope to see you here.

July 23, 20129 comments
Ugh, I’ve got an earworm

Ugh, I’ve got an earworm

The other day I not-so-subtly tried to infect you with an earworm of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”. Did it work?

An earworm is the state of having a song stuck in your head. Earworms can last for hours or even days. Think of it as a song playing on repeat in your mind without your consent. I was afflicted with LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” just last night (which is funny because I’m neither sexy or aware of it.) If you’re curious about the causes and cures for earworms check out psychologist Tom Stafford’s article, “Earworms: Why catchy tunes get stuck in our heads.”

May your weekend be fun and earworm-free…or go ahead and click on the video below. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


May 4, 20120 comments
Is it me you’re looking for?

Is it me you’re looking for?

The Davenport Library has a great selection of music CDs from many genres. If you’re looking for a certain genre, the following list of call numbers can help you quickly find what you want.

  • Folk–CD 781.62
  • Pop–CD 781.63
  • Country–CD 781.642
  • R&B–CD 781.643
  • Soul–CD 781.644
  • Rap–CD 781.649
  • Jazz–CD 781.65
  • Rock–CD 781.66

Here is “Hello” by Lionel Richie since we both know you can’t get it out of your head now.

April 30, 20120 comments
How to checkout and download an e-book!

How to checkout and download an e-book!

Did you receive an e-reader, tablet, or computer this holiday season or decide to buy one for yourself?  Are you considering purchasing one in 2012?  Then look no further to hear about one of the fastest-growing trends in America, e-books, and how to download them for free!

How to download an e-book! from Davenport Public Library on Vimeo.

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is an e-book (electronic book)? According to the Wall Street Journal, “an electronic book (also e-book, ebook, digital book) is a text- and image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, and readable on computers or other digital devices.” If you are thinking about buying an e-reader or tablet, make sure to do your research! There are many different types and brands on the market, and some can do much more than display e-books. So before you spend the money, know what you want. The Davenport library has resources to help!

Once you have your e-book reading device, decide where to go to download books. Like the variety of reading devices, e-books can be downloaded from a multitude of outlets. The popularity of e-readers and other portable electronic reading devices has caused the popularity of e-books to soar, making them readily available almost anywhere online. According to a news story done by WKRG-TV news reporter Lauren Styler, “as we reported earlier in June, is now selling more e-books than paper books.” She also reported at a later date, “researcher Mark Mahaney predicts that eBooks will surpass printed book sales altogether within three years.” This popularity has also caused the price of e-books to increase. Some e-books now cost almost as much as the same printed copy, making e-books an expensive commodity if you’re not careful.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to download e-books. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all. Just like you can check out books at your local library for free, you can also check-out e-books online from your library for free. Libraries across the country, including local Quad-City libraries, offer downloadable e-books for checkout. How do you check out an e-book online? First, know what type of device you have. Second, download and install the free software, which can be accessed through our website at, click on downloadable e-books, WILBOR, and then the quick start guide. It will walk you through the step-by-step process which is as easy as 1-2-3! You can also scan the QR code in our ad or from our website, where our reference librarian will walk you through the process.

For more information, please contact the Davenport Public Library’s reference department at 563-326-7832.

Happy reading!

December 31, 20110 comments