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The Iceworm Cometh

The Iceworm Cometh

Do you have any big plans for Iceworm Day? You’ve never heard of Iceworm Day?! Well, allow me to inform you. Ice worms are species of the worm genus Mesenchytraeus that live in glacial ice.  Every year the residents of Cordova, Alaska have an Iceworm Festival that includes a parade featuring a 150-foot-long ice worm float, a Miss Iceworm beauty pageant, and variety show.

Cordova Iceworm Festival Parade

This year Iceworm Day falls on February 3rd. Start a new Iceworm Day tradition and visit the Davenport Public Library. All three locations are open from 9:30 to 5:30 on Iceworm Day.

ice worm

It is your time to shine, little guy.

February 2, 20120 comments