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The Iceworm Cometh

The Iceworm Cometh

Do you have any big plans for Iceworm Day? You’ve never heard of Iceworm Day?! Well, allow me to inform you. Ice worms are species of the worm genus Mesenchytraeus that live in glacial ice.  Every year the residents of Cordova, Alaska have an Iceworm Festival that includes a parade featuring a 150-foot-long ice worm float, a Miss Iceworm beauty pageant, and variety show.

Cordova Iceworm Festival Parade

This year Iceworm Day falls on February 3rd. Start a new Iceworm Day tradition and visit the Davenport Public Library. All three locations are open from 9:30 to 5:30 on Iceworm Day.

ice worm

It is your time to shine, little guy.

February 2, 20120 comments
How to checkout and download an e-book!

How to checkout and download an e-book!

Did you receive an e-reader, tablet, or computer this holiday season or decide to buy one for yourself?  Are you considering purchasing one in 2012?  Then look no further to hear about one of the fastest-growing trends in America, e-books, and how to download them for free!

How to download an e-book! from Davenport Public Library on Vimeo.

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is an e-book (electronic book)? According to the Wall Street Journal, “an electronic book (also e-book, ebook, digital book) is a text- and image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, and readable on computers or other digital devices.” If you are thinking about buying an e-reader or tablet, make sure to do your research! There are many different types and brands on the market, and some can do much more than display e-books. So before you spend the money, know what you want. The Davenport library has resources to help!

Once you have your e-book reading device, decide where to go to download books. Like the variety of reading devices, e-books can be downloaded from a multitude of outlets. The popularity of e-readers and other portable electronic reading devices has caused the popularity of e-books to soar, making them readily available almost anywhere online. According to a news story done by WKRG-TV news reporter Lauren Styler, “as we reported earlier in June, is now selling more e-books than paper books.” She also reported at a later date, “researcher Mark Mahaney predicts that eBooks will surpass printed book sales altogether within three years.” This popularity has also caused the price of e-books to increase. Some e-books now cost almost as much as the same printed copy, making e-books an expensive commodity if you’re not careful.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to download e-books. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all. Just like you can check out books at your local library for free, you can also check-out e-books online from your library for free. Libraries across the country, including local Quad-City libraries, offer downloadable e-books for checkout. How do you check out an e-book online? First, know what type of device you have. Second, download and install the free software, which can be accessed through our website at, click on downloadable e-books, WILBOR, and then the quick start guide. It will walk you through the step-by-step process which is as easy as 1-2-3! You can also scan the QR code in our ad or from our website, where our reference librarian will walk you through the process.

For more information, please contact the Davenport Public Library’s reference department at 563-326-7832.

Happy reading!

December 31, 20110 comments
Real estate to drool about

Real estate to drool about

Come all ye fans of edible homes! The Davenport Public Library is the place to view gingerbread houses of different shapes and sizes. We have castles with ice cream cone towers and cabins with pretzel roofs. See Starburst paths and Tootsie Roll trees.
The Quad City Arts Festival of Trees was kind enough to lend some of their gingerbread houses to be displayed at the Library. The  Fairmount Branch is hosting about a dozen of these houses in their display cases.  You can also see some at Main Street and Eastern Avenue. Pop in between now and January 7th to have a peek at these scrumptious abodes! Sorry, no nibbling allowed.

December 6, 20110 comments
Take Grandma to see a mummy!

Take Grandma to see a mummy!

With Thanksgiving one week away and Christmas peering ominously around the corner, you may have family coming to town to visit. If you are running short on ideas for entertaining your visitors, why not stop into the Davenport Public Library and check out a Putnam or Figge Museum pass? Each pass is good for four museum admissions and you can use them for up to a week. Museum passes are available at all three of our locations on a first-come, first-served basis, so drop in soon. Your grandma will thank you.

For information on museum hours and exhibits visit for the Figge Museum and for the Putnam Museum.

November 17, 20110 comments
Consumer Tips for Holiday Shoppers

Consumer Tips for Holiday Shoppers

Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, has released the following information to help consumers during this holiday season. Have a look to see how you can stay safe when shopping…

The holiday shopping season is by far the busiest time of year for most shoppers and retail stores — and the season also generates more than its share of consumer problems.  Why?  Most likely, it’s because of the sheer volume of purchases, because many consumers are in a rush, and because people will make more gift returns and exchanges than during other seasons.  It’s a very important time to be a smart shopper.

How to avoid consumer problems:

Buying Online:   Be sure to shop with reputable companies.  Make sure the seller lists an address or toll-free number, just in case you have a problem.  Be sure purchases are refundable in case you are not satisfied.  Get all details on shipping and handling fees, refund and return policies, and complaint procedures.  Print out and keep records of your purchase.  Use only “secure” web sites.  Pay by credit card (not by check or debit card) so you can dispute the bill if necessary.  Find more tips on “Internet” shopping at (click on “consumer protection”), or at

Returns and “layaways”:  Be sure to know a store’s policy on returns and layaways before you make a purchase, especially in these times of tighter credit.  Remember, there is no state law that requires stores to give a refund, exchange, or credit for merchandise returned or taken off layaway — unless the store advertises that it accepts such returns and refunds.  (Consumers also may seek a refund, exchange or credit if an article is defective or was misrepresented.)   Remember, Iowa’s three-day-right-to-cancel law only applies to door-to-door sales, or sales made away from a seller’s usual place of business.  In short, most refund and layaway policies are up to individual retailers.

Receipts:  Always keep receipts.  Most stores will not make refunds without them.

Mail orders:  If you order gifts by mail or telephone or over the Internet, you have certain protections.  Federal law requires the seller to ship your purchase within thirty days, unless the offer or advertisement specifies a later date.  If there is a delay, the seller must notify you, give you a chance to cancel your order, and send a full refund if you choose to cancel.  Don’t send cash.  The safest way to pay for mail order purchases is by credit card.

Gift cards and certificates:  If you’re thinking of buying a gift card, check the store’s policy.  Find out if the store will give a credit or cash return if the purchase price is less than the value of the gift card or certificate, and check any other terms on the card.

To file a complaint or get more information, contact the Consumer Protection Division, Hoover Bldg., Des Moines, IA 50319.  Call 515-281-5926, or toll-free at 1-888-777-4590.  On the web:

November 24, 20080 comments