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Grotesque or Gourmet? #1: Escamoles

Grotesque or Gourmet? #1: Escamoles

All week you’ll be treated to posts on freaky foods from around the world. Here is your first foray into “Grotesque or Gourmet?”

Sometimes referred to as “insect caviar,” Escamoles are the larvae of ants that are harvested from the roots of the Agave and Maguey plants in Mexico. Escamoles are said to have a buttery or nutty flavor.

I'd be so into this minus the insect larvae.

The Eastern Avenue Branch Library has a new bulletin board in the Teen area with a “Grotesque or Gourmet?” display. Stop in to check it out (there may or may not be 3-D foam maggots on it) and stop back tomorrow for more gross food facts.

May 7, 20120 comments