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Deep Sea Spooks

Deep Sea Spooks

As if great white sharks and deadly box jellyfish weren’t enough to scare you out of the briny deep:  Did you know that there are also goblins and vampires in the sea? Well, goblin Sharks and vampire Squid, actually. While they look terrifying, neither poses a threat to humans, unless you consider inducing nightmares a threat. Enjoy the video clips of goblin sharks and vampire squids….if you dare.

For some fun spookiness,  come to the Davenport  Halloween Parade on October 31st starting at 7:00 PM and see our giant Libby balloon (weather permitting.) Click here for parade route.

 Happy Halloween from the Davenport Public Library!

October 29, 20120 comments
Party like a Lobster

Party like a Lobster

June 15th is Lobster Day. Why celebrate Lobster Day? I like to use it as an excuse to sing  “Rock Lobster” and annoy my co-workers.

In the spirit of Lobster Day, enjoy these strange lobster facts and photos:

Lobster blood is colorless until exposed to oxygen, then it develops a bluish color.

Male lobsters are called cocks; females are called hens.

Tomalley (lobster liver) is considered to be a delicacy and turns green when cooked.

A lobster’s teeth are in its stomach. The stomach is located a very short distance from the mouth, and the food is chewed by three grinding surfaces that look like human molars, called the gastric mill.


Vegetarian Lobster


"The Lobster Ballerina." Will you be seeing him in your nightmares? Pretty sure I will be.

Happy Lobster Day from your friends at the Davenport Public Library!

June 13, 20121 comment
Grotesque or Gourmet? #5: Casu Marzu

Grotesque or Gourmet? #5: Casu Marzu

Do you like cheese but wish it were partially digested before you ate it? No? How about if it were partially digested by maggots before you ate it? Still no? O.K., what if the maggots were still in the cheese when it were served to you? Hey, where are you going?

Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese. It is made by taking a Pecorino cheese, removing some of the rind and leaving it out for the cheese fly to lay its eggs in. The eggs hatch and the resulting maggots digest the cheese, breaking down some of the fats which makes the cheese soft and spreadable. The cheese is usually served while the maggots are still alive, so look out; the little larvae can jump up to 6 inches.

The European Union once outlawed Casu Marzu due to food hygiene and health regulations. You’ll be pleased to find out that the ban on the cheese has been lifted due to it being a traditional food of the region.

Thus concludes Grotesque or Gourmet? Thank you for stopping by and I promise that next week my posts will contain 95% less maggots.



May 11, 20120 comments
Grotesque or Gourmet? #3: Balut

Grotesque or Gourmet? #3: Balut

Don’t get me wrong, I love boiled eggs. Seriously, I like them way too much; I just prefer mine without feathers or beaks.

That sound you just heard is your soul dying just a little bit.

Balut is a fertilized duck egg that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Balut is commonly sold as a street food in the Phillippines and rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

The development of the egg before it can be cooked is a matter of local preference. In the Philippines, the ideal balut is 17 days old. The chick inside is not old enough to have developed a beak or feathers and the bones are undeveloped. The Vietnamese tend prefer their balut mature from 19 days up to 21 days, when the chick is old enough to be recognizable as a baby duck (cringe) and has bones that will be firm but tender when cooked (shudder).

Stop back tomorrow for more Grotesque or Gourmet?

May 9, 20123 comments
Grotesque or Gourmet? #2: Kopi Luwak

Grotesque or Gourmet? #2: Kopi Luwak

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “This coffee tastes like poo”? Well, some people think that is a good thing. Kopi luwak is an expensive ($35-70 per cup) coffee made from the beans of coffee berries that have been digested by the Asian Palm Civet and then excreted. The coffee beans are then washed thouroughly, dried in the sun, and lightly roasted.

Ahhh, he's getting ready to make coffee for us.

Stop back tomorrow for more Grotesque or Gourmet?


May 8, 20120 comments