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Candy Corn: Love it or hate it?

Candy Corn: Love it or hate it?

October 11, 2012 10:45 am0 comments

Fall is here and the season of candy corn is upon us. Candy corn is one of those polarizing seasonal confections like Peeps that many seem to feel strongly about. Some revel in its sweet honey flavor and bright colors while others abhor everything about it.  So what do you think?

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Now let us put our differences aside and learn some interesting candy corn facts; because, at the end of the day, who among us hasn’t donned yellow, orange, and white fangs at one time or another.

  • October 30th is National Candy Corn Day.
  • Candy corn has been around for over 120 years.
  • 20 million pounds of the candy are sold annually.
  • Hershey’s Kisses, M&Ms, and Oreos have come in limited edition candy corn flavors.
  • Each candy corn kernel contains approximately 3.57 calories.
  • Candy corn is not a vegan food. It contains gelatin and/or egg whites.

Whether you love candy corn or can’t stand it, we are in the thick of Halloween candy season, so remember: Dental care books can be found at the Davenport Public Library under call number 617.6.


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