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Hot diggity dog!

Hot diggity dog!

July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day. So while you ponder the universal question of whether a hot dog is or isn’t a sandwich, enjoy these facts about Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile.

  • Vanity plates for the Wienermobile have included: YUMMY, OUR DOG, BIG BUN, LIL LINK, OH I WISH, WEENR, WNR MBLE, and BOLOGNA.
  • The job title for the driver of the Wienermobile is called “hot dogger.”
  • The horn of the vehicle can play the Wiener Jingle in 21 different genres from Cajun to Rap.
  • In 2009 the Wienermobile was inadvertently turned down a dead end street and when the driver (or hot dogger) tried to turn around in a driveway she failed to put the vehicle in reverse and crashed it into a house. The fact that no one was injured makes me comfortable with the fact that the picture below caused me to giggle.

Speaking of hot dogs, the 25th Annual Bix Porch Party is August 2nd at 11 a.m.  and in addition to hot dogs and lemonade, LIVE jazz music is on the menu as Don Estes and the Prairie Ramblers play on the porch of the Main Library (321 Main Street.) This is always a fun, family-oriented event and we hope to see you here.

July 23, 20129 comments
Tesla Day!

Tesla Day!

July 10th is Nikola Tesla Day. In my opinion Nikola Tesla deserves a week, at least. The Serbian-American inventor and engineer, best known for developing the AC electrical supply system, is also responsible for wireless communication, the radio, neon lights, and remote control. He held over 300 patents worldwide for his various inventions.

Were Tesla alive today, he could have taken advantage of Davenport Public Library’s Patent and Trademark Resource Center. Designated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Patent and Trademark Resource Center offers free services such as assistance in using patent and trademark information, training on USPTO databases, and hosting public seminars on intellectual property topics. For more information on the Patent and Trademark Resource Center, call 563-326-7832.

And since Nikola Tesla never recorded a power ballad (don’t doubt for a moment that he could have if he’d chosen to), here is Love Song by Tesla.

July 9, 20120 comments
Libby balloon at Red, White, & Boom 2012

Libby balloon at Red, White, & Boom 2012

Thank you to everyone who had their picture taken with the library’s 25′ Libby balloon! It was a great time! Checkout all of the pictures on our facebook page.

July 6, 20121 comment