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Grotesque or Gourmet? #5: Casu Marzu

Grotesque or Gourmet? #5: Casu Marzu

May 11, 2012 11:38 am0 comments

Do you like cheese but wish it were partially digested before you ate it? No? How about if it were partially digested by maggots before you ate it? Still no? O.K., what if the maggots were still in the cheese when it were served to you? Hey, where are you going?

Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese. It is made by taking a Pecorino cheese, removing some of the rind and leaving it out for the cheese fly to lay its eggs in. The eggs hatch and the resulting maggots digest the cheese, breaking down some of the fats which makes the cheese soft and spreadable. The cheese is usually served while the maggots are still alive, so look out; the little larvae can jump up to 6 inches.

The European Union once outlawed Casu Marzu due to food hygiene and health regulations. You’ll be pleased to find out that the ban on the cheese has been lifted due to it being a traditional food of the region.

Thus concludes Grotesque or Gourmet? Thank you for stopping by and I promise that next week my posts will contain 95% less maggots.



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