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Titanic Fact #12: Brrrr

Titanic Fact #12: Brrrr

Hypothermia was a leading cause of death among those who survived the sinking. Hypothermia can turn deadly when the body’s core temperature dips below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. At 86 degrees, cardiac arrest can occur. Those who landed in the water and survived the sinking had only 15-30 minutes before hypothermia became deadly.

Which leads me to this:

Yes, this is an inflatible Titanic waterslide.

Nothing says “fun kid’s birthday party” or “happy family reunion” like the images of roughly 1,500 people drowning or freezing to death.

Stop back tommorrow for more interesting Titanic Facts and mark your calendar for Titanic: 100 Years Later at the Fairmount Branch on April 12 at 6:30 p.m.

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