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MANGO – The Easiest Way to Learn a Foreign Language!

MANGO – The Easiest Way to Learn a Foreign Language!

August 23, 2010 10:56 am1 comment

MANGO – the newest and greatest database offered at the Davenport Public Library!  All you need is your library card and the want or need to learn another language.  This awesome learning tool has two options; one to learn a foreign language and another for those that are trying to learn English from another language (ESL – English as a Second Language).  All languages have a “Basic” tab, where you can quickly learn some basic words and phrases for your business trip or short trip overseas.  Then some languages also have a “Complete” tab which is aimed at students who want to move beyond basic language skills.  Finally if that wasn’t enought, Mango also has a “Translate” section.  In this area, you can choose a language and then type in the message that you would like to have translated!  How AWESOME is that!

To check out this new database visit our website at

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