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Free to Be

Free to Be

September 25, 2009 11:06 am0 comments

free to beI don’t remember a lot about growing up in the 70s (which is probably a good thing considering I wore plaid and polka-dots together), but I do remember the television special “Free to Be You and Me.” In fact, I can still remember almost all of the words to the theme song so gloriously sung by Marlo Thomas and Friends. When I get sad or down, all I have to do is  think about that song and it always lifts my spirits. It’s amazing that something with such a basic message has lasted in my brain for more than 35 years. The point is – the word “freedom” means different things to different people. As we come to the end of our September Project week, take a moment and comment on your favorite freedom. Whether it’s the freedom to read, or freedom of speech, or freedom to sing a song from the 1970s without feeling an ounce of guilt. Or wearing plaid and polka-dots together… no that really should be outlawed. :) Happy Friday and Happy Freedom!

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