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Archive for September 23rd, 2009

Do You Love Your Library? Let Everyone Know!

Do You Love Your Library? Let Everyone Know!

What’s not to love about a library? Freedom to read, freedom to information, freedom to discuss, and the freedom to be who you are. If you support these freedoms, let people know! Tell your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, someone passing on the street – tell them about your library! Let the people who decide funding know about how the library has changed your life. Check out our Elected Officials brochure and send your local, state, and federal representatives a statement of library love. Did the library help you find a job, get better grades, or restore your sanity through a good book? Did the library help you save money by offering free materials and services? Did the library offer a program that helped you learn how to use the computer, a new craft, or a new subject? Unless the elected officials are told about a library’s worth, they may not think we’re worth funding. Let them know you love the library. You’ll be doing your part in protecting our American freedoms for now and future generations.

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