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Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

July 28, 2009 11:57 am0 comments


Is your group or organization looking for a presentation? We may be able to accommodate! If you’d like us to come and speak at your function about library services, we’d be happy to oblige! We’re frequently out in the community, explaining and demonstrating library services because we want people to know how cool and cutting-edge the library is! Shockingly, a lot of people have this CRAZY idea that libraries are stuck in the Stone Age – you know the stereotypes: buns, shushing, cold, boring. WHATEVER! Anyone who has been to either of Davenport’s Libraries knows those stereotypes are sooo passe.  We’ve got concerts, crafts, living histories, computers, and tons of other stuff for all ages. And don’t forget our collections! New release movies, CDs, videogames, books… you name it – and the best part is… it’s all FREE!

If you’re interested in having us come to your event, give me (Angela) a call at 563-888-3371 and we’ll see what we can schedule. And if you haven’t been to the Library in the past year, come see all of the wonderful additions (& editions!). :)

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