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Imani! Dancers = AMAZING!

Imani! Dancers = AMAZING!

July 21, 2009 2:28 pm0 comments

Imani Dancers Fan Dance

A crowd of nearly 100 people packed the Film Room at the Main Library to watch the Imani! Dancers. With LIVE African drumming from Jerry Wilkerson, Cortez Rogan, and Demetrius Clements; and dance choreography from Imani! founder, Dorian Byrd; this show was Shannon Hareexciting from beginning to end.

The far left picture shows the “Banka” or fan dance. The solo dancer, Shannon Hare, performs “Danza Carribena.”

African Drumming

The event, sponsored by the African American Museum of Iowa, is just one of many educational and entertainment programs we offer at the Library. Check our calendar of events for more information about upcoming programs.

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