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Community Shred Days a HUGE Success!

Community Shred Days a HUGE Success!

paper-recyclingFor the couple with the SUV packed full of boxes, the library shred days offered during Money Smart Week Quad Cities couldn’t have come at a better time. “We’re getting ready to move to Colorado, and we didn’t know what to do with all this stuff,” they commented.  Another participant, who brought 11 boxes worth of personal and family paperwork dating back to the 1970s, told workers, “This is my life you’re shredding here.”

The Rock Island, Davenport, and Bettendorf Public Libraries hosted Community Shred Days during Money Smart Week Quad Cities, April 18-25, 2009. The four events collected 16,596 pounds of personal paperwork – an increase of 33 percent over the first effort in 2008. The record-shredding result for the libraries was 8.3 tons of paper safely shredded and protected from ID theft. 

Members of the public brought in obsolete statements, bills, cancelled checks, business and tax records by the car load. The program was originally created to help people reduce their risk of identity theft, but the collection days also have a very “green” benefit. For example, recycling 8.3 tons of paper will save: 141 trees, 58,100 gallons of water, 3,154 gallons of oil, 672.3 cubic feet of landfill space, and will power 4.15 homes for a whole year.

The nationally-certified off-site shredding company, Document Destruction Services, donated their time, energy, and expertise to the libraries. Thanks to their donation, Community Shred Days were free of charge to all participants.

The libraries are excited at the possibility of hosting additional Shred Days next year during Money Smart Week Quad Cities. Keep an eye on the library calendar for upcoming events.

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