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The Davenport Public Library will be implementing a new computer reserve and print release system on
Sunday, March 1 – Tuesday, March 3.

Here is what you need to know:

1.  All copies will be $0.10 per page once the system is complete.  (See schedule below)   The first 10 pages will no longer be free.       

2.  If you currently have money on your card, you will need to cash it out before March 1. 

3.  The computers will be down according to the schedule below.

On Sunday 3/1 - All computers will be unavailable. 

On Monday 3/2 – All public computers at Main (Children, Special Collections, and Adult) will be unavailable.

On Tuesday 3/3 – All public computers at Fairmount (Children and Adult) will be unavailable.


* If you have any questions please see a customer service representative or call (563) 326-7832. 

Thank You!

February 20, 20090 comments
Story Times for Every Age!

Story Times for Every Age!

colorful-books1Every parent should take their child to story time at the Davenport Public Library. Story times encourage a love of reading through interactive experiences, help develop early childhood language skills, provide an opportunity for social interaction with other children, and allow parents to become familiar with reading materials suited to their child’s age and needs. Plus, story time at the Davenport Public Library is fun! Each interactive program features books, rhymes, songs and storytelling, while catering to different age categories at different locations:

Mondays at 10:00 am at the Fairmount Street Library – “Preschool Story Time”
Tuesdays at 6:30 pm at the Fairmount Street Library – “Family Story Time”
Thursdays at 10:00 am at the Fairmount Street Library – “Toddler Story Time”
Fridays at 10:00 am at the Fairmount Street Library – “Baby Story Time”
Saturdays at 10:00 am at the Main Street Library – “Family Story Time @ Main”

Have fun after story time picking out new books to read! Remember, parking is free at the Main Street Library on Saturdays. For more information about Davenport Public Library’s story time sessions, call 563-326-7832.

February 19, 20090 comments


Come on out to the Fairmount Street Library (3000 N. Fairmount Street) on Wednesday, February 18 at 6:00 P.M. to watch Il Postino (The Postman).  A shy postman strikes up an unlikely friendship with exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. While learning to love poetry, the postman uses poetic methods to woo local beauty, Beatrice. Dreams really do come true in this romantic-biography, based on a true story.

For more information on this FREE event, call (563) 328-6833 or visit

February 16, 20090 comments


patrons-using-catalogThe library is a great resource when money is tight, because almost everything is free; Books, DVD’s, CD’s, Programs, Reference Help, Databases, Computer Use, Internet, and more.   According to the American Library Association’s 2008 State of the Libraries Report, “Americans visited their libraries nearly 1.3 billion times and checked out more than 2 billion items in the past year, an increase of more than 10 percent in both checked out items and library visits, compared to the last economic downturn in 2001.”  To find out how the Davenport Public Library has done over the past three years call or stop by one of our libraries and ask for the annual report.  For more information on how using the library can save you and your family some money before, during, and after a recession take a look at the Davenport Public Library’s November/December 2008 Main Entries.  On the front cover, Director LaWanda Roudebush shows what the library can save you on average in a year by using its many resources. 

Libraries play a major role in helping get communities and their families back on track during rough economic times.  According to the American Library Association, “every day across the country, libraries are meeting the needs of their communities by providing a broad range of services for people of all ages and backgrounds. The public library plays an even more important role as Americans face tough economic times. Patrons are visiting their library for more than borrowing free books, movies, CDs and attending free reading programs. Libraries offer their communities access to computers and the Internet, financial literacy skills, assistance with job searches, and resources to help small businesses… More people, in more communities, in every state are turning to their local public library for access to information and services to help them in today’s economy.”

For more information on all of the FREE resources that the Davenport Public Library can offer you, please call (563) 326-7832 or visit us online at

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February 13, 20090 comments
Roving Reference Debuts at DPL

Roving Reference Debuts at DPL

reference-librarianThe Library has added a new service at their Main Street location: mobile reference. Patrons walking the stacks and using computers will not need to go to the reference desk to ask a question, the reference librarians will come to them.

By providing this service, the Reference Department intends to educate the public about finding quality resources, while also making people feel at ease while using the library.

Rita Specht, reference supervisor, reflects that patrons are accepting what they find on the internet to be accurate and consequently accepting faulty information as “better than nothing.” She also says that some people don’t know reference service exists and how it can benefit them.

“If you aren’t a regular library-user, it can be intimidating to use the library,” said Specht. “We [Reference Department] want to get out to where the patrons are – in the stacks, on the computers, and browsing magazines – and help them.”

Specht says that this new service model is part of the library’s new Strategic Plan. “We consistently receive a huge approval rating in the City’s Citizen Survey. We want to keep earning those ratings and pleasing our patrons. Adding mobile reference to our already incredible list of services is just another way we can do that.”

Although mobile reference service just began in January, reference librarians are seeing the results. Veteran reference librarian, Lynn Palmer, was the mobile librarian the other day when she saw a man looking lost.  She helped him to the correct location, on the other side of the library.

“I know what it’s like to be in a big store, wandering around and getting frustrated, hoping to find someone to save you a little time,” she said. “It’s great to be able to help patrons find what they need.”

If you have a question, any question, contact the Reference Department at the Davenport Public Library. There are numerous ways to contact us: in person, by telephone, email, chat, Info Café blog, and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Go to and click on “Reference Service” to learn more. Don’t have a computer? Call us at 563-326-7844.

February 11, 20092 comments