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Kid Yoga at DPL

Kid Yoga at DPL

November 10, 2008 4:20 pm1 comment

As part of our “Go Healthy” workshop series, the Davenport Public Library will be offering Yoga for kids.  On Saturday, November 15 at 2:00 PM, join us at the Davenport Public Library, Fairmount Street (3000 N. Fairmount Street) for a fun and educational experience.  Presented by instructors from the Davenport School of Yoga, kids will learn the value of yoga, how to do yoga positions, and how to continue working-out muscles for continued health benefits.  Other upcoming workshops include: martial arts and karate; ballet, and jazzercise.  Angela Campbell, PR/Programming Coordinator for the Davenport Public Library, states, “The Davenport Public Library is committed to accomplishing its mission of educating, informing, enriching, and entertaining the public.  The ‘Go Healthy’ series is just another way the Library can have a positive influence model on the community, while building great partnerships with local organizations.”  Additionally, the Library will also provide information to caregivers at each program about Library resources that can help kids get active.

For more information on the “Go Healthy” program visit our website at

For more information on the Davenport School of Yoga visit their website at

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