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Downtown Library Celebrates Building’s 40th Anniversary

Downtown Library Celebrates Building’s 40th Anniversary

The Davenport Public Library, Main Street, celebrated the Edward Durell Stone Buildings 40th Anniversary this past week.  Leading up to the celebration there was a bookmark and writing contest that ended in March.  The winners were announced at the anniversary celebration on October 5th.  The bookmarks that took first place were reproduced and handed out to the public and are still available at each library location while the rest were placed in a commemorative binder for all to see.  Some of the winners of the writing contest read their works during the presentation showing the level of talent that the Quad City Area possesses.  All of the bookmarks and writings from the contest will be kept in our Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Stone Building.  A copy of the program for that day’s events, which has a list of the winners and their works included, is available below in pdf format.  Also listed below are the results of the surveys that were collected for the drawings.  Check to see if your preference won and then make sure you vote for what you prefer on the right side of the blog.  Are you a pepsi or a coke drinker, do you like hip-hop or ballroom, and what do you do while you sit at your computer, read blogs or watch YouTube?  We’d like to know!

40th Anniversary Booklet  


Coke or Pepsi? – 38% Coke / 53% Pepsi

Facebook or MySpace – 25% / Facebook / 43% MySpace

Email or Texting – 65% Email / 23% Texting

Google or Yahoo – 73% Google / 20% Yahoo

Encyclopedia or Wikipedia – 40% Encyclopedia / 53% Wikipedia

Ballroom or Hip Hop – 65% Ballroom / 18% Hip Hop

Print Books or Audiobooks – 85% Print / 8 % Audio

DVD or VHS – 88% DVD / 12 % VHS

CDs or Mp3 – 73% CD / 17% Mp3

Blogs or YouTube – 38% Blogs / 35% YouTube

Podcasts or Talk Radio – 33% Podcasts / 45% Talk Radio


As you can see, the numbers don’t add up to 100% in each category. Some people didn’t answer every categorical question.



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