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Local Gladiators Were Triumphant

Local Gladiators Were Triumphant

September 29, 2008 8:04 am1 comment

This past Saturday hundreds of people came to watch and participate in “Kid Gladiators.”  Participate was an understatement!  These Kids from two years old up to fifteen years old came out and demonstrated the speed and strength of Quad City kids, with the fastest time of 8.9 seconds coming from a ten year boy.  The girls and boys left their heart out on the course and need to be applauded for their great effort.  In the words of a little seven year old, “THIS IS AWESOME!”  Each participant received a medal & a ribbon, while the winners of each age group received a shirt.  We would like to thank our sponsors QC Family Focus, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, the American Heart Association, and the William J. Clinton Foundation.  We would also like to thank all of the athletes and their fans for coming out to support the “Go Healthy Challenge” and their Davenport Public Library’s inaugural “Kid Gladiators” event!

1 Comment

  • I sure hope that the library does this again next year. What a hoot!

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