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DTV Transition – Are You Ready?

DTV Transition – Are You Ready?

August 15, 2008 7:19 am0 comments



You’ve been seeing advertisements that say your television could lose its broadcast signal on February 17, 2009, if it is not receiving a digital signal. Are you one of the 13 million people currently receiving an analog signal that will lose television reception on this date? If you’re still confused about DTV, HDTV, EDTV, analog, and other broadcasting terms, you need to come to the Davenport Public Library’s Fairmount Street location (3000 N. Fairmount Street) on Tuesday, August 19, at 6:30 PM, for a special program about the “Digital Television Transition.”


Bill Hayes, an engineer from Iowa Public Television (IPTV) will be at the Library to explain why legislation was passed that on February 17, 2009, all broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital. The presentation will also include a demonstration of the converter box, how you can receive coupons for a converter box, and a question and answer session.  For more information about the program, contact the Library at 563-888-3371. For more information about the transition, visit

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