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Davenport Public Library Programming 101!

Davenport Public Library Programming 101!

May 23, 2008 1:22 pm0 comments

Where has the time gone?  I thought we already did that program six months ago!  I typed that up yesterday, WHERE DID IT GO?  That’s typical!  But why?  Let’s try to answer these questions.

It all starts months in advance, seriously!  A typical program is planned and ready to go, usually at least four to six months before the actual program date.  It begins with an idea that is put into a publicity request form.  A form that asks all kinds of questions like dates and times, where the program will take place, will the program be done by you or an outside group, has the program been approved by your supervisor, has it been scheduled on the calendar, have the rooms been reserved, and on and on and on!  It is all necessary and actually walks you through the process very nicely.  Then after the publicity request is written you start the actual process of publicizing your event.  Press releases are written, posters made, the information is put on the Davenport Library web calendar, and then the information is placed on various community web calendars.  Then you wait for the program date to arrive, keeping a timeline of items that need to be done as the event gets closer (this usually changes with each event).  While you wait for the event, you are working on the next event.  This process is usually taking place with multiple events at the same time and keeping up with non-programming activities within the library and the community.

This is why time flies in the PR department.  That is why sometimes it feels like we have already done the program.  It is a very fun and fast paced department that changes from day to day, bringing you many new and exciting library events.

What do you think about the programs that are offered at the Davenport Public Library?  Do you have any suggestions of programs that you would like to see at the library?  Let us know here on our blog what you think.


Steve Hart

PR/Programming Assistant

Davenport Public Library

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