Freaky Funky Friday: Harry Potterasaurus

The dinosaur, Dracorex Hogwartsia, is named after the school from the Harry Potter series of books. A fossil of this dinosaur is on display at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


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Litty Bitty Book Review: The Lonesome Polar Bear

The Lonesome Polar Bear  by Jane Cabrera

Poor little polar bear.  His only friend was a fluffly white cloud.  And while the cloud tried to send him new friends to play with, they melted every day.  How little polar bear wanted a real friend to play with.  Simple text and colorful illustrations bring to  life this  lovely story about the power of friendship. 

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The Exact Perfect Thing

Boot & Shoe      

By Marla Frazee

Priceless story about two loveable canine brothers who were enjoying a perfect life for them both.  They spent some time together, some time apart and always started and ended the days together.   Exactly perfect.  That is, until that pesky squirrel, for no apparent reason, started some trouble.   Whew, and what a bunch of trouble that was.   The kind of trouble that left Boot and Shoe befuddled and lost and alone.  The reader can see the problem throughout the story, and while we ache for the two, we can see the happy ending coming.   Beautifully illustrated and simply written, this will be a surefire hit for any parent and child.  This is one picture book you won’t want to miss!

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