Early Lit Bits

You want to help your child build his vocabulary.  But how?  And what? And when?   One of the easiest ways is to include him in things you already do, or like to do.  Then talk about it.  Go ahead and teach the technical terms for your favorite sport.   Discuss the toppings on your favorite pizza – include what they are and where they are grown and how they are prepared.  Indulge yourself in finding out the answers to whatever strikes your fancy and then share it.  And remember that kids need to know the names of things, but so much more.  Talk about the cow your child knows the sound for.  Where does it live?  What does it eat?  How big does it grow?   Be sure to use synonyms.  Is the cow big or large or humongous or gigantic?  Share the little differences in word meanings.   The best way to learn new words is in a natural setting – so if you’re at the river – talk about the river.  If you see a bird – talk about birds.  If you’re in a mood start sharing feeling words in way that can be easily understood.   Kids really are little sponges, ready to soak up as much knowledge as you are willing and able to share.

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