The Heart and the Bottle

Ok – I admit it.  I may have a little crush on Oliver Jeffers books.  And yes, you CAN crush on books.  Especially children’s picture books.  And there are a few authors whose work I adore.  Jeffers is one.  The candid artwork and simple text get me every time.  The Heart and the Bottle is no exception.    I won’t lead you on – this is not a soft, fuzzy, feel-good book to share with your little one at bedtime. It’s all about one young girls experience with hiding her heart in a bottle to deal with loss and the way that she was finally able to come to terms with it.   While this one might not be the perfect choice for every child who deals with loss, it certainly might be the perfect choice for some older children – or even teens or adults – who have come through a difficult situation and felt the need to shut down.  Read through this one on your own first, you might find the simple beauty quite stunning.



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